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24" Custom Trail Sign

24" Custom Trail Sign

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Customize your very own Sunshine Village Trail Sign or get one of your favorite runs/areas.

You can pick:

  • The Name (Ex: Sunshine Coast)
  • The Difficulty (Green, Blue, Black, or Double Black)
  • The Run Number (Ex: 12, 71, 122)
  • The Arrow direction (Up, Down, Left, or Right)

Need some ideas for your custom Trail Sign? 

  • Your Name/Last Name/Family Name (The Johnsons)
  • Kids Names (Theo James, Ben's Room)
  • Baby Welcome (Mia 15/06/2023)
  • Pet Names
  • Business/Company Name
  • Personal Run (Tim's Traverse, Ray's Run, Brian's Bowl)
  • Birthday (Lily's 18th, Josh's 30th, Leo's 50th)
  • Wedding/Anniversary (Mr & Mrs Smith 2023)
  • Valentines Day (Alyssa & Johnny 2023)   
  • Christmas (Nothing But Coal, Made The Nice List)
  • Graduation (Class of 2023)
  • Holiday
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Celebration (Congrats Kyle)
  • Home Decor (Joe's Ski Shack, Lisa's Lodge, Gone Skiing)
  • Bar Decor (I Like Big Dumps, Après Ski, I'm Difficult)

Need help finding the name of your favorite spot? 

Browse through the product images to find our Trail maps, Delirium Dive map and Wild West map to help you locate your run.

Scroll down to find our most popular Trail Signs. 🔽 

Create Your Trail Sign Here:

Please note that crafting custom trail signs may take 3 - 5 business days before shipment.
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